ICCCM 2017  is one of the Thematic Conferences of the European Community in Computational Methods in Applied Sciences (ECCOMAS). With its 5th edition, the Conference is now a reference point for scientists working in the field of Computational Contact Mechanics.

ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences deal with state-of-the-art topics in computational science and engineering. They are organized on odd years with the support of ECCOMAS, which attract overall about 3,000 participants. The successful story of ECCOMAS Thematic Conferences started in 2005 and continued year over year.

More than 30 Thematic Conferences will be organized in 2017. These Thematic Conferences will take place all over Europe. Their enormous success expanded the visibility of ECCOMAS on a global scale and opened its frontiers to the rest of the world. The Thematic Conferences have set up a model which other national and regional associations are trying to adopt.

ECCOMAS is a scientific organization grouping together European associations with interests in the development and applications of computational methods in science and technology. The Mission of ECCOMAS is to promote joint efforts of European universities, research institutes and industries which are active in the broader field of numerical methods and computer simulation in Engineering and Applied Sciences and to address critical societal and technological problems with particular emphasis on multidisciplinary applications.

For further information please visit the ECCOMAS web site http://www.eccomas.org.