Concerning Computational Contact Mechanics, the global trend shows a deep interest on several different aspects. Among them we can cite new discretization techniques, multiscale approaches ranging from the macro to the nanoscale, robust and innovative solution schemes. Also, the interest has been deeply extended to the wide areas of coupled multifield problems like e.g. thermo-electro-mechanical contact problems, interface problems for rigid bodies, failure processes in heterogeneous materials, textile and laminated composites, bio-mechanics as well as thermo-electro-mechanical contact problems.

Hence, the topics of interest are wide ranging. The basic list of the main pertinent includes:

  • Adhesion, debonding and failure processes;
  • Constraints enforcement methods;
  • Contact algorithms efficiency for single- and multi-processor computing environments;
  • Contact and debonding constitutive laws;
  • Contact at the nanoscales;
  • Contact detection algorithms;
  • Contact modeling in bio-mechanics;
  • Discretization techniques of the contact surfaces;
  • Discrete elements techniques;
  • Friction and wear;
  • Multi-field problems with contact constraints;
  • Multi-scale approaches for contact constitutive laws;
  • Rolling contact.