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Multiparametric families of solutions to the KPI equation, their Fredholm, wronskians and degenerate determinant representations and multi-rogue waves. LaTeX
Integrable nonlocal multi-component equations with PT and CPT symmetries LaTeX
Georgi Grahovski
Solutions of the KP-hierarchy corresponding to degenerate trigonal curves LaTeX
Atsushi Nakayashiki
Two Interacting Surfaces and Curves Corresponding to Periodic Solutions of Manakov System LaTeX
Ratbay Myrzakulov, Akbota Myrzakul
Revisiting the classics: Fourier,Laplace and Riemann LaTeX
Athanassios F. Fokas
Zeros of polynomials, solvable dynamical systems and generations of polynomials LaTeX
Francesco Calogero
Regular triangulations of point sets and solitons in two dimensions II LaTeX
Yuji Kodama
Superintegrable systems in quantum mechanics and the Painleve transcendents LaTeX
Pavel Winternitz
Higher rank solutions for the periodic two dimensional Volterra system LaTeX
Jing Ping Wang
On the Hirota's tau function LaTeX
Franco Magri
Sub-symmetries and their applications LaTeX
Vladimir Rosenhaus, Ravi Shankar
Sine-Gordon field theory vs. relativistic Calogero-Moser N-particle sytems: An overview LaTeX
Simon Ruijsenaars
Matsuo-Cherednik type correspondence and quantum-classical duality of integrable systems LaTeX
Anton Zabrodin
Dressing networks: towards an integrability approach to collective and complex phenomena LaTeX
Antonio Moro
Ermakov-Painlev\'{e} II Reduction in Cold Plasma Physics. Application of a B\"{a}cklund Transformation LaTeX
Colin Rogers
Superintegrable 3D systems in a magnetic field corresponding to Cartesian separation of variables LaTeX
Libor Snobl
Normal forms of dispersive scalar Poisson brackets for two-dimensional systems LaTeX
Guido Carlet, Matteo Casati, Sergey Shadrin
Pseudo-Wronskians of Hermite polynomials LaTeX
Robert Milson, David Gomez-Ullate, Yves Grandati
On a direct algoritm for constructing recursion operators and Lax pairs for integrable models LaTeX
Ismagil Habibullin
Quantum spectral curve of melting crystal model and its 4D limit LaTeX
Kanehisa Takasaki
Nonlocal symmetries of integrable linearly degenerate equations: a comparative study LaTeX
Joseph Krasil'shchik, Hynek Baran, Petr Vojcak, Oleg Morozov
Symmetric spaces and new 2-component integrable NLS equations LaTeX
Vladimir Stefanov Gerdjikov
Stability of shear shallow water flows with free surface LaTeX
Alexander A Chesnokov, Gennady A El, Sergey L Gavrilyuk, Maxim V Pavlov
KP theory, total positivity and rational degenerations of M-curves LaTeX
Simonetta Abenda, Petr G Grinevich
Integrable systems in 4D associated with sixfolds in ${\bf Gr}(4, 6)$ LaTeX
Evgeny Ferapontov
Painlev\'e VI surfaces LaTeX
Robert Conte
Continuum limits of pluri-Lagrangian systems LaTeX
Mats Vermeeren
Fluid flow in a plane channel with deformable walls LaTeX
Alexander Khe
Hydrodynamics of the FPU problem and its integrable aspects LaTeX
New Three-Dimensional Integrable Discrete Systems and Their Dispersionless Limits LaTeX
Maxim Pavlov
Separation of variables in anisotropic models and non-skew-symmetric elliptic r-matrix LaTeX
Taras Skrypnyk
Melting crystal model and its 4D limit LaTeX
Kanehisa Takasaki
Solitons and their interactions in the PT-symmetric nonlocal nonlinear Schrodinger models LaTeX
Tao Xu, Min Li, Hengji Li, Dexin Meng
Lump solitons in a higher-order nonlinear equation in 2 + 1 dimensions PDF
Pilar Garcia Estevez
Spectral compression by self-phase modulation in optical fibres LaTeX
Sonia Boscolo, Christophe Finot
Integrable discretisation of hodograph-type systems, hyperelliptic integrals and Whitham equations LaTeX
Wolfgang Schief
Solitons and spin waves in the spiral structure of magnets LaTeX
Anton Alexandrovich Raskovalov, Vladimir Valerievich Kiselev
Towards global classification of integrable $2+1$-dimensional equations LaTeX
Vladimir Novikov
Some Unfamiliar Aspects of Backlund Transformations LaTeX
Jeremy Schiff, Alexander Rasin
Geometric Deautonomization and Discrete Painlevé Equations LaTeX
Adrian Stefan Carstea, Anton Dzhamay, Tomoyuki Takenawa
Extensions of integrable systems via deformations of binary Darboux transformations LaTeX
Folkert Mueller-Hoissen
Haantjes Manifolds of the classical Lagrange top LaTeX
Giorgio Tondo
Dunkl--Cherednik operators and quantum Lax pairs LaTeX
Oleg Chalykh
Maximally superintegrable classical and quantum Stäckel systems LaTeX
Krzysztof Marciniak
On a discretization of confocal quadrics: Geometric parametrizations, integrable systems and incircular nets LaTeX
Alexander I Bobenko
Integrability in AGT duality LaTeX
Alberto Fachechi
Noncommutative Solitons LaTeX
Masashi Hamanaka
Higher-order partial differential equations for description of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam and the Kontorova-Frenkel models LaTeX
Nikolay A Kudryashov
Integrable potentials by Darboux Transformations in rings and quantum/classical problems LaTeX
Sergey Leble
Soliton hierarchy with self-consistent sources: inverse scattering method and Darboux transformation LaTeX
Runliang LIN, Xiaojun Liu, Yunbo Zeng
Abelian and non-Abelian B\"acklund Charts LaTeX
Sandra Carillo
Hamiltonian aspects of the Classical Inverse Scattering Method in the work of L.D.Faddeev and his laboratory LaTeX
Michael Semenov-Tian-Shansky
Exceptional Hermite polynomials and rational solutions of the Painlevé IV chain LaTeX
Yves Grandati
Superintegrability and linearity LaTeX
Maria Clara Nucci
Analytic description of the exact rogue wave recurrence in the periodic NLS Cauchy problem LaTeX
Paolo Maria Santini, Petr Grinevich, Paolo Maria Santini
Conservation laws, symmetries, and exact solutions of generalized KP and Boussinesq equations in two dimensions. LaTeX
Maria Luz Gandarias
Solving the generalized Jacobi inversion problem by means of degenerate multivariative sigma-function LaTeX
Julia Bernatska
Quantum variational principle and quantum multiforms LaTeX
Frank Nijhoff
Solitons and Integrable Nonlocal Nonlinear Equations LaTeX
Mark Jay Ablowitz
Conservation laws, symmetries, and exact solutions of generalized KP and Boussinesq equations in two dimensions. LaTeX
Maria Luz Gandarias
Spectral theory of periodic 2D Shrodinger operators integrable on a ``singular'' energy level LaTeX
igor Krichever
LD Faddeev, long range scattering and some unsolved problems in the IST method LaTeX
Vladimir Borisovich Matveev
New findings on Perlick system I: from the algebra of symmetries to the geometry of the orbits LaTeX
Orlando Ragnisco
L.D. Faddev's work on quantum integrability LaTeX
Evgeny Sklyanin
L.D. Faddeev works on the inverse scattering problem LaTeX
Leon A Takhtajan
On the invariants of integrable maps LaTeX
Claude Michel Viallet
The space of symmetric squares of hyperelliptic curves: infnite-dimensional Lie algebras and polynomial integrable dynamical systems on C^4 LaTeX
Alexander Mikhailov
Continuous symmetries of the Hirota difference equations LaTeX
Andrei K Pogrebkov
Solitons, Huygens' principle and von Karman vortex streets LaTeX
Alexander Veselov
Unresolved problems in the theory of integrable systems LaTeX
Vladimir Zakharov


Systems of conservation laws with third-order Hamiltonian structures LaTeX
Raffaele Vitolo
Bi-Hamiltonian structures of KdV type LaTeX
Raffaele Vitolo
Helical solitons in the string model of classical particles LaTeX
Yury Stepanyants
Symbolic Dynamics and Topological Analysis of Diamagnetic Kepler Problem LaTeX
Zuo-Bing Wu
Alexey Samokhin
Basic deformed q-calculus and quantum mechanics LaTeX
Andrea Lavagno
Multi-dimensional conservation laws for intergable systems LaTeX
Zakhar Makridin
On solutions of equations incompressible liquids LaTeX
Valeriu Semion Driuma
Localized-wave solutions for the nonlocal Davey-Stewartson I equation via Darboux transformation LaTeX
Min Li
Exact solution for the stationary shape of a conducting liquid jet deformed by a transverse electric field LaTeX
Nikolay M. Zubarev, Olga V. Zubareva, Nikolay B. Volkov
Geometry of rupture formed under the action of a tangential magnetic field in a conducting fluid layer LaTeX
Olga Vladimirovna Zubareva, Nikolay M. Zubarev
On Hamiltonian geometry of the associativity equations LaTeX
Oleg Mokhov, Nadezhda Pavlenko
Third-order superintegrable systems with potentials satisfying only nonlinear equations LaTeX
Antonella Marchesiello
Generalizations of the semi- and fully discrete Lotka-Volterra lattice LaTeX
Xiaomin Chen, Xingbiao Hu
Higher-order interaction induced eects for strong dispersion-managed optical solitons with dissimilar powers LaTeX
Francisco J. Diaz-Otero, Omar Guillan-Lorenzo, Laura Pedrosa-Rodriguez
Integrable two-layer spin systems with self-consistent potential LaTeX
Gulgassyl Nugmanova, Zhanna Sagidullayeva, Ratbay Myrzakulov
Fast Nonlinear Fourier Transforms LaTeX
Sander Wahls
Travelling waves and a fruitful `time' reparametrization in relativistic electrodynamics LaTeX
Gaetano Fiore
Soliton solutions of (1+1)-dimensional nonlocal nonlinear Schrodinger and Maxwell-Bloch equations LaTeX
Kuralay Yesmakhanova, Gaukhar Shaikhova, Guldana Bekova
Elliptic diffeomorphisms of symplectic 4-manifolds LaTeX
Gleb Smirnov
Integrable Li\'{e}nard--type equations and nonlocal transformations LaTeX
Dmitry I Sinelshchikov
Exact solutions of integrable spin system LaTeX
Zhanna Sagidullayeva, Gulgassyl Nugmanova
Alexey Samokhin
Skyrmion States in Chiral Liquid Crystals LaTeX
Luigi Martina, Giovanni De Matteis, Vito Turco
An integrable self-adaptive moving mesh scheme for the modified short pulse equation LaTeX
Soliton amoebas LaTeX
Mario Angelelli
Breaking integrability at the boundary: the inverse scattering method as a soliton detector LaTeX
Robert Parini
On the discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equation with PT-symmetry LaTeX
Amal Jasim Mohammed
Emergent Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase in low-dimensional ferroelectrics LaTeX
Yousra Nahas
Fluctuations and topological defects in proper ferroelectrics LaTeX
Sergei Prokhorenko
On Multi-Component Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation with PT-Symmetry LaTeX
Junaid Idrees Mustafa
Lagrangian dynamics by nonlocal constants of motion LaTeX
Gaetano Zampieri
On Algebro–Geometric Approach to Semi–Hamiltonian Systems of Hydrodynamic Type LaTeX
Evgeniy Glukhov
New multisoliton solution of the complex KdV equation LaTeX
Francesco Ferrulli
Conservation and Balance Laws by means of Mixed Method LaTeX
Marianna Ruggieri
Bifurcations in molecular vibrational modes under symmetry breaking isotopic substitutions: semi-classical and quantum analyses LaTeX
Vladimir G. Tyuterev
On the first quantization of SU(2) N=2* Seiberg-Witten theory: an integrability perspective LaTeX
Alberto Fachechi