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Zeros of polynomials, solvable dynamical systems and generations of polynomials LaTeX
Francesco Calogero
Normal forms of dispersive scalar Poisson brackets for two-dimensional systems LaTeX
Guido Carlet, Matteo Casati, Sergey Shadrin
Stability of shear shallow water flows with free surface LaTeX
Alexander A Chesnokov, Gennady A El, Sergey L Gavrilyuk, Maxim V Pavlov
Painlev\'e VI surfaces LaTeX
Robert Conte
Geometric Deautonomization and Discrete Painlevé Equations LaTeX
Adrian Stefan Carstea, Anton Dzhamay, Tomoyuki Takenawa
Dunkl--Cherednik operators and quantum Lax pairs LaTeX
Oleg Chalykh
Abelian and non-Abelian B\"acklund Charts LaTeX
Sandra Carillo


Generalizations of the semi- and fully discrete Lotka-Volterra lattice LaTeX
Xiaomin Chen, Xingbiao Hu