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Two Interacting Surfaces and Curves Corresponding to Periodic Solutions of Manakov System LaTeX
Ratbay Myrzakulov, Akbota Myrzakul
On the Hirota's tau function LaTeX
Franco Magri
Dressing networks: towards an integrability approach to collective and complex phenomena LaTeX
Antonio Moro
Pseudo-Wronskians of Hermite polynomials LaTeX
Robert Milson, David Gomez-Ullate, Yves Grandati
Nonlocal symmetries of integrable linearly degenerate equations: a comparative study LaTeX
Joseph Krasil'shchik, Hynek Baran, Petr Vojcak, Oleg Morozov
Solitons and their interactions in the PT-symmetric nonlocal nonlinear Schrodinger models LaTeX
Tao Xu, Min Li, Hengji Li, Dexin Meng
Extensions of integrable systems via deformations of binary Darboux transformations LaTeX
Folkert Mueller-Hoissen
Maximally superintegrable classical and quantum St├Ąckel systems LaTeX
Krzysztof Marciniak
LD Faddeev, long range scattering and some unsolved problems in the IST method LaTeX
Vladimir Borisovich Matveev
The space of symmetric squares of hyperelliptic curves: infnite-dimensional Lie algebras and polynomial integrable dynamical systems on C^4 LaTeX
Alexander Mikhailov


Multi-dimensional conservation laws for intergable systems LaTeX
Zakhar Makridin
On Hamiltonian geometry of the associativity equations LaTeX
Oleg Mokhov, Nadezhda Pavlenko
Third-order superintegrable systems with potentials satisfying only nonlinear equations LaTeX
Antonella Marchesiello
Integrable two-layer spin systems with self-consistent potential LaTeX
Gulgassyl Nugmanova, Zhanna Sagidullayeva, Ratbay Myrzakulov
Skyrmion States in Chiral Liquid Crystals LaTeX
Luigi Martina, Giovanni De Matteis, Vito Turco
An integrable self-adaptive moving mesh scheme for the modified short pulse equation LaTeX
On the discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equation with PT-symmetry LaTeX
Amal Jasim Mohammed
On Multi-Component Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation with PT-Symmetry LaTeX
Junaid Idrees Mustafa