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Stability of shear shallow water flows with free surface LaTeX
Alexander A Chesnokov, Gennady A El, Sergey L Gavrilyuk, Maxim V Pavlov
Hydrodynamics of the FPU problem and its integrable aspects LaTeX
New Three-Dimensional Integrable Discrete Systems and Their Dispersionless Limits LaTeX
Maxim Pavlov
Continuous symmetries of the Hirota difference equations LaTeX
Andrei K Pogrebkov


On Hamiltonian geometry of the associativity equations LaTeX
Oleg Mokhov, Nadezhda Pavlenko
Higher-order interaction induced eects for strong dispersion-managed optical solitons with dissimilar powers LaTeX
Francisco J. Diaz-Otero, Omar Guillan-Lorenzo, Laura Pedrosa-Rodriguez
Breaking integrability at the boundary: the inverse scattering method as a soliton detector LaTeX
Robert Parini
Fluctuations and topological defects in proper ferroelectrics LaTeX
Sergei Prokhorenko