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Sub-symmetries and their applications LaTeX
Vladimir Rosenhaus, Ravi Shankar
Sine-Gordon field theory vs. relativistic Calogero-Moser N-particle sytems: An overview LaTeX
Simon Ruijsenaars
Ermakov-Painlev\'{e} II Reduction in Cold Plasma Physics. Application of a B\"{a}cklund Transformation LaTeX
Colin Rogers
Solitons and spin waves in the spiral structure of magnets LaTeX
Anton Alexandrovich Raskovalov, Vladimir Valerievich Kiselev
Some Unfamiliar Aspects of Backlund Transformations LaTeX
Jeremy Schiff, Alexander Rasin
New findings on Perlick system I: from the algebra of symmetries to the geometry of the orbits LaTeX
Orlando Ragnisco


Conservation and Balance Laws by means of Mixed Method LaTeX
Marianna Ruggieri