Virtual Reality Summer School 2017

Torre dell’Orso (Lecce), Italy

June 18, 2017 – June 23, 2017

Virtual Reality Summer School registration (payment)


Nowadays the 3D world has become more realistic and research has been focused on 3D interaction with specific interests in natural user interfaces and tangible interfaces. Since interaction is closely related to perception, sensory interfaces are continuously evolving for a perception that is now multi-sensory. On the other hand, using smart phones and tablets the augmented perception of real world is becoming more and more common; however, several questions subsist on engineering of these new systems.

The main aim of the Virtual Reality Summer School is to propose a privileged moment for stimulating discussions and exchanging scientific experiences and technical results related to the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies.

The Summer School is open to Ph.D. and Master students, post-doctoral researchers and academic or industrial researchers. Researchers of university and industry who want to present the results of their projects or give a lecture on a specific topic concerning the virtual and augmented reality technologies are welcome. Ph.D. students are encouraged to submit their research-in-progress presentation during the summer school. Master students are strongly encouraged to participate at the school.

Lectures will span topics from virtual environments and augmented reality applications to 3D user interfaces and required technology to enable these environments to a wide range of applications.

The main thematic areas of the Virtual Reality Summer School are:

– medicine
– cultural heritage and arts
– architecture
– education
– industry and military
– games and serious games
– interaction and presence in VE