Augmented Reality Summer School 2018

Torre dell’Orso (Lecce), Italy

September 2, 2018 – September 8, 2018

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Unlike the virtual reality technology that completely immerses users inside a synthetic environment where they cannot see the real world around them, Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies permit the real-time fusion of computer-generated digital contents with the real world and allow the creation of fascinating new types of user interfaces.

AR supplements reality rather than completely replacing it and the user is under the impression that the virtual and real objects coexist in the same space. The virtual objects help user to perform real-world tasks better by displaying information that cannot directly detect with own senses.

Many applications of MR/AR technologies have been developed in different fields (medicine, education, arts and cultural heritage, entertainment, military, and manufacturing). Recently, new concepts such as Natural User Interfaces and Mobile Immersion have emerged and permit to combine AR/MR technologies with new mobile human-machine interfaces. Consequently, mobile immersion will allow users to move away from purely physical communication mode to a mixed/augmented reality communication, interaction and collaboration mode. Interactions will be natural and augmentations will become ubiquitous.

The main aim of the Augmented Reality Summer School is to propose a privileged moment for stimulating discussions and exchanging scientific experiences and technical results related to this technology.

The main thematic areas of the Augmented Reality Summer School are:

– medicine

– cultural heritage and arts

– education

– games and serious games