Electrospin 2016 - NANO-JETS ERC Project

The International Conference of Electrospinning 2016 is also an important milestone in the framework of the NANO-JETS ERC Starting Grant Project (Grant Agreement number 306357) coordinated by Prof. Dario Pisignano at the Department of Mathematics and Physics “Ennio De Giorgi” of the University of Salento and at the CNR-Nanosciences Institute (Euromediterranean Center for Nanomaterial Modelling and Technology-ECMT) in Lecce, Italy.

The NANO-JETS project ultimately targets the application of polymer nanofibers in new lasers. To this aim, it wants to tackle the still unsolved issues of the electrospinning process in terms of product control by means of the parameters affecting the dynamics of electrified jets. Electrospinning, being based on the uniaxial elongation of polymeric jets with sufficient molecular entanglements in presence of an intense electric field, is a unique approach to produce nanofibers with high throughput. However, while being operationally simple, electrospinning is in fact complex, and the behavior of electrified jets depends on so many experimental variables making fully predictive approaches still missing. NANO-JETS aims to elucidating and engineering the electrospinning of solutions incorporating active materials, with a tight synergy among modeling, fast-imaging characterization of electrified jets, and process engineering. Once optimized with molecules or nanomaterials exhibiting optical gain, nanofibers will offer an effective, well-controllable and cheap material for building new laser systems. These architectures will enable enhanced miniaturization and portability, and enormously reduced realization costs.

Please take the occasion to visit the official website of the NANO-JETS ERC project here (www.nanojets.eu).

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