18° IWGP2019 - 3rd Circular

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are very pleased to inform that more than two-hundred abstracts have been submitted to the 18th IWGP conference.

Thanks to the outstanding work of the scientific committee, who evaluated the abstracts and organized the sessions in a very short time, we are now ready to submit to your attention a preliminary program (/ocs/index.php/iwgp2019/index/pages/view/program).

This year conference will not have overlapping sessions and instead will have three workshops and five lab sessions; due to time constrains, fewer abstracts than those submitted could be accepted as oral presentations.


Talks and poster guideline

Each talk will be of 15 minutes (10 plus 5 for question). Please ensure that you keep to this time limit.

Poster must fit into the canvas, and have a max size 100x120 cm (39,37x47,24’’). Poster will be exhibit for the entire length of the conference, from the afternoon of the 3rd June until the 8th of June  (in the ground floor of Edificio 5).

All the authors presenting a poster are requested to stand next to their poster during the POSTER SESSION, which will be held June 5th, from 4:45 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.



The oral talks and posters abstracts will be published online, through the ESE Unisalento system, by the end of April (http://siba-ese.unisalento.it/#proceed_jump ).


Workshops and Lab sessions

Declarations and details about the Workshops and Lab session can be found at this link:



Conference venue

The 18th IWGP conference will be held at the complex Studium 2000, in Building 6.

Coffee breaks  and poster exhibition will be held in Building 5.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/biuTXLWjAjS2

The complex Studium 2000 includes a student library, the Archaeological and Historical Museum of Salento University (http://www.musa.unisalento.it/), and the Papyrological Museum of Salento University (https://www.museopapirologico.eu/mus_papi.htm)

The complex is closed to the main touristic attractions, such as downtown, Bello Luogo Park, the historical cemetery and the Former Monastery of Olivetani where the welcome cocktail will take place. (Save the date: 4th June at 8.30 p.m.).



Social events

- 4th of June
Welcome cocktail at the Former Monastery of Olivetani. (New) Free entrance with the conference badge, starts 8.30 p.m. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/kDXSWFj5q6L2

- 6th of June Social dinner at the Torre del Parco. Web-site: https://hotel.torredelparco.com/en/ Registration fees 25 euros, starts 08:00 p.m. Location: https://goo.gl/maps/5XaJYdC6k9M2

-9th of June Boat excursion (New) One-day trip along the Adriatic coast to discover the prehistoric caves of the area. The trip is sponsored by the 18th IWGP steering committee. A limited number of seats are available and registration is mandatory. Please send an e-mail to iwgp2019lecce@unisalento.it, please write “BOAT EXCURSION” as object. Requests that do not include this object might be overlooked.


Post-conference excursions (New).

Option 1: 10th of June:
A one-day Salento tour

Option 2: 10th-12th of June
A three-day tour of Apulia region.


More details can be found at the following link: (/ocs/index.php/iwgp2019/index/pages/view/post-conference-excursions )


Looking forward to seeing you in Lecce.

The 18th IWGP conference steering committee

Prof. Girolamo Fiorentino
Dr. Valentina Caracuta
Dr. Milena Primavera