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Saturday 20 June 2015

1:00 PM

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1:45 PM

Welcome Address

2:00 PM
3:45 PM

Contributed sessions 1 (4 speakers with 20 min presentation + 5 min discussion) 

PLENARY ROOM - Session Chair: Chris O'Donnell

ROOM 2 - Session Chair: Thanh Ngo

2:00 PM

R. Robert Russell (University of California),
(In)efficiency Indexes: A Binary Taxonomy and Generic Theorems

Walter Briec (University of Perpignan),
On the Topological Convergence of some Sequence of Production Technologies

2:25 PM

Vania Sena (University of Essex),
Trademarking activities and total factor productivity: some evidence for british commercial banks using a metafrontier approach

Ihsen Abid (University of Carthage), Mohamed Goaied
Bank Efficiency in MENA Countries: A Meta-frontier Approach

2:50 PM

Giancarlo Ferrara (University of Palermo), Francesco Vidoli Arianna Campagna
Semiparametric estimation of stochastic frontier models via Generalized Additive Models

Kelly D.T Trinh (University of Queensland), Rodney Strachan
Time varying effects of environmental variables on the levels of technical efficiency

3:15 PM

Chris O'Donnell (University of Queensland),
Using Information About Technologies, Markets and Firm Behaviour to Decompose a Proper Productivity Index

Thanh Ngo (Massey University), David Tripe
Stochastic Cost Frontier Analysis and Its Uses in Efficiency Evaluation. The Case of Vietnamese Banking System (2003-2010)

3:45 PM

Coffee break

4:15 PM

Keynote address: Jean-Pierre Florens (Toulouse School of Economics)
Nonparametric Robust Stochastic Frontier Analysis: a Tikhonov Regularization Approach
Chair: Ingrid Van Keilegom 

5:00 PM
6:45 PM

Contributed sessions 2 (4 speakers with 20 min presentation + 5 min discussion) 

PLENARY ROOM - Session Chair:  Luiza Bădin

ROOM 2 - Session Chair: Alessandro Manello

5:00 PM

Anne Vanhems (Toulouse School of Economics),
Ingrid Van Keilegom, Léopold Simar
Unobserved heterogeneity and endogeneity in nonparametric frontier estimation 

Antonella Caiumi (ISTAT Rome), Federico Perali
Accounting for Heterogeneity in Firm Efficiency Estimation using a Primal-Dual Non-parametric Approach

5:25 PM

Léopold Simar (Université catholique de Louvain), Catherine Cazals, Frédérique Fève, Jean-Pierre Florens,
Nonparametric Instrumental Variables Estimation for Efficiency Frontier

Sara Calligaris (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”),
Misallocation and Total Factor Productivity in Italy: Evidence from Firm-Level Data

5:50 PM

Francesco Vidoli (University of Roma Tre),
A Spatial Conditioned Nonparametric Efficiency Proposal

Henry Aray (University of Granada), Betty Agnani, Luis Enrique Pedauga
Decentralization and Economic Growth: increase, maintain or decrease the autonomy levels

6:15 PM

Luiza Bădin (Bucharest University of Economic Studies), Valentin Patilea, Léopold Simar
Confidence Intervals for Efficiency Scores in Non-convex Technologies

Alessandro Manello (University of Turin), Francesco Devicienti, Davide Vannoni
Technical efficiency, decentralized labour contracts and unions. Evidence from Italy

6:45 PM

Keynote address: Ingrid Van Keilegom (Université catholique de Louvain)
Frontier estimation in the presence of measurement error with unknown variance
Chair: Léopold Simar 

7:30 PM

Welcome Party (wine testing from Cantele and Castello Monaci)


Sunday 21 June 2015

08:30 AM
10:15 AM

Contributed sessions 3 (4 speakers with 20 min presentation + 5 min discussion) 

PLENARY ROOM - Session Chair: Jaap Bos

ROOM 2 - Session Chair: Kostas Elias Kounetas

8:30 AM

Kelly D.T Trinh (University of Queensland), Valentin Zelenyuk
Comparison of deterministic and stochastic models: Assessing Economic Growth Determinants

Vitor Cavalcanti (Universidade Federal de Pernambuco),
Estimating the Impact of Autocratic Transitions on the Efficiency of Countries: An Application to Pakistan

8:55 AM

Konstantinos N. Baltas (London School of Economics), George Kapetanios, Efthymios Tsionas
The joint investigation of heterogeneous production technologies and efficient M&A in the banking sector: Implications for social welfare in the era of the financial crisis

Ana  Magnabosco (University of São Paulo, Brazil),
A stochastic frontier model of investment behavior and the adjustment to international financial crises

9:20 AM

Sergio Destefanis (University of Salerno), M.Fragetta, E.Gasteiger
The Efficiency of Monetary Policy – A Non-parametric Empirical Analysis

Kai Du (University of Adelaide), Fernando Garcia de Freitas
The economic freedom: One of the determinants on the economic growth

9:45 AM

Jaap Bos (Maastricht University),
The third way: strategic recombination as a means of improving efficiency

Konstantinos E. Kounetas (University of Patras), Panagiotis D. Zervopoulos
Countries efficiency performance revisited using a genera-lized directional distance function under a metafrontier framework. Is there any convergence-divergence pattern for technology gaps?

10:15 AM

Coffee break

10:45 AM

Keynote address: Subal Kumbhakar (Binghamton University)
Decomposition of Efficiency into Input- and Output-Specific Components
Chair: Paul Wilson

11:30 AM
01:15 PM

Contributed sessions 4 (4 speakers with 20 min presentation + 5 min discussion) 

PLENARY ROOM - Session Chair: Christopher Parmeter

ROOM 2 - Session Chair: Greta Falavigna

11:30 AM

Hak K. Pyo (Seoul National University), Keun Hee Rhee, Saerang Song
The Estimation of Potential Output by Industries by a Stochastic Frontier Model with Threshold Efficiency and Capacity Utilization Index

Sabrina Auci (University of Palermo), Annalisa Castelli, Mariangela Zoli
Comparing different “poverty” rankings: Evidence from Italian EU-SILC Dataset

11:55 AM

Svetlana Mladenovic  (University of Rome Tor Vergata), Federico Belotti, Giuseppe Ilardi
A QML estimation of stochastic frontier models with spatial autoregressive inefficiency

Isabel Narbón-Perpiñá (Universitat Jaume I),
Evaluating local governments’ performance in crisis times

12:20 PM

Christine Amsler (Michigan State University), Christopher O'Donnell, Peter Schmidt
Stochastic Metafrontiers

Panagiotis D. Zervopoulos (Bursa Orhangazi University), Konstantinos Kounetas, Haktan Sarikaya
Reconceptualizing the DEA bootstrap for improved estimations

12:45 PM

Christopher Parmeter (University of Miami), Alan T. K. Wan, Xinyu Zhang
A Model Averaging Stochastic Frontier Estimator

Greta Falavigna (CNR-IRCrES), Roberto Ippoliti,
Alessandro Manello
Judicial efficiency and immigrant entrepreneurs  

1:15 PM



02:30 PM
04:15 PM

Contributed sessions 5 (4 speakers with 20 min presentation + 5 min discussion) 

PLENARY ROOM - Session Chair: Peter Schmidt

ROOM 2 - Session Chair: Dandan Wang

2:30 PM

Federico Belotti (University of Rome Tor Vergata), Giuseppe Ilardi,
Robust Stochastic Frontier Analysis: a Minimum Density Power Divergence Approach

David J. Mayston (University of York),
Analysing the Achievement Possibility Frontier for a Public Service Producer

2:55 PM

Antonio Alvarez (Universidad de Oviedo), Luis Orea
A distributed-lag latent class model with persistence in regime changes

Sabina Luncaşu (Université Catholique de Louvain)
Nonparametric estimation of efficiency frontiers with noisy data: an application to Colombian universities

3:20 PM

Graziella Bonanno (University of Calabria), Filippo Domma, Domenico De Giovanni
The “wrong skewness” problem: a re-specification of stochastic frontiers

Chiara Masci (Politecnico di Milano), Ieva Francesca, Agasisti Tommaso, Paganoni Anna Maria
Bivariate multilevel models for the analysis of maths and reading pupils' achievements

3:45 PM

Peter Schmidt (Michigan State University), Christine Amsler
Distinguishing heterogeneity and inefficiency in a panel data stochastic frontier model

Dandan Wang (Cardiff University),
Bias assessment and reduction for the 2SLS estimator in general dynamic simultaneous equation models

4:15 PM

Coffee break

04:45 PM
06:30 PM

Contributed sessions 6 (4 speakers with 20 min presentation + 5 min discussion) 

PLENARY ROOM - Session Chair: Cinzia Daraio

ROOM 2 - Session Chair: Ornella Wanda Maietta

4:45 PM

David Broadstock (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics)
Is this the wrong way to bootstrap the nonparametric metafrontier model?

Lihua Li (University of Western Sydnedy), Adam M Komarek, Sriram Shankar, Bill Bellotti
From agricultural diversification to specialisation: its impacts on economic efficiency in small farming systems in northwest China

5:10 PM

Natalya Zelenyuk (University of Queensland), Valentin Zelenyuk
Drivers of Efficiency in Banking: Importance of Model Specifications

Ayaz Zeynalov (Charles University in Prague), Roman Horvath, Tomas Havranek
Natural Resource and Economic Growth: A Meta-Analysis

5:35 PM

Michel  Simioni (INRA-GREMAQ), Jean-Pierre Huiban, Camilla Mastromarco, Antonio Musolesi
The Impact of Pollution Abatement Investment on Technology: Porter Hypothesis Revisited

Domenico Suppa (Università Telematica “G. Fortunato”)
The efficiency of water supply in Italy

6:00 PM

Cinzia Daraio (Sapienza University of Rome),
Efficiency, Effectiveness and Impact of Research and Innovation: some Methodological Insights

Ornella Wanda Maietta (Università di Napoli Federico II), Biagia De Devitiis
Shadow price of human capital in agriculture. Evidence from European FADN regions

6:30 PM

Keynote address:  Paul Wilson (Clemson University)
Testing the Structure of Production
Chair: Subal Kumbhakar

8:30 PM

Social dinner: Torre del Parco

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