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Discretizing the Liouville equation LaTeX
Decio Levi, Luigi Martina, Pavel Winternitz
Regular triangulation of point sets and solitons in two dimensions LaTeX
Yuji Kodama
Hurwitz numbers, Belyi pairs, Grothendieck dessins d'enfant, and matrix models LaTeX
Leonid O Chekhov, Jan Ambjorn
Tetrahedron equation and generalized quantum groups LaTeX
Atsuo Kuniba
Transformations from traveling wave solutions to non-traveling wave solutions of evolution equations LaTeX
Georgy I. Burde
Bihamiltonian cohomology and deformations of Poisson pencils of hydrodynamic type LaTeX
Guido Carlet
Structure of asymptotic soliton webs in solutions of Kadomtsev-Petviashvili II equation LaTeX
Yair Zarmi
Separable quantizations of Stäckel systems LaTeX
Krzysztof Marciniak
Domain shape dependence of semiclassical corrections to energy LaTeX
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski
Integrable Multidimensional Quasilinear Systems of First Order and Their 1+1 Dimensional Dispersive Reductions LaTeX
Maxim Pavlov
Multilinear Baker-Hirota operators with application to nonlinear differential equations LaTeX
Dmitriy Noshchenko
Integrability in the systems with Dirac dispersion of low-energy excitations LaTeX
Alexander Protogenov
New developments in the Hamiltonian reduction approach to integrable many-body systems LaTeX
Laszlo Feher
Haantjes manifolds and Veselov systems LaTeX
Franco Magri
Formation of curvature singularities on a fluid interface during the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability LaTeX
Evgenii A. Kuznetsov, Nikolay M. Zubarev
Symmetry reductions of Lax integrable 3D systems LaTeX
Joseph Krasil'shchik, Hynek Baran, Oleg Morozov, Petr Voj{\v{c}}{\'{a}}k
Commutator identities on an associative algebra and non-Abelian integrable equations LaTeX
Andrei K Pogrebkov
Self-Duality and Symmetric Deformations of Integrable PDE LaTeX
Boris Kruglikov
Quantization of Poisson structures on Painleve monodromy varieties LaTeX
Vladimir Roubtsov
Quartics, sextics, and beyond LaTeX
maciej dunajski
BKP and Hurwitz numbers LaTeX
Alexander Orlov
Soliton surfaces in the generalized symmetries approach LaTeX
Alfred Michel Grundland, Sarah Post, Danilo Riglioni
On the classification of discrete Hirota-type equations in 3D LaTeX
Vladimir Novikov
Rational degenerations of $m$-curves and totally positive Grassmannians LaTeX
Simonetta Abenda, Petr Grinevich
On the integrability in Grassmann geometries: integrable systems associated with fourfolds in Gr(3, 5) LaTeX
Evgeny Ferapontov
Fermi-Pasta-Ulam recurrence and modulation instability LaTeX
Evgeny Kuznetsov
Recent results on integrable dispersionless PDEs in multidimensions LaTeX
Paolo Maria Santini
On 2+1 - dimensional cKdV-type equation for internal ring waves on a shear flow LaTeX
Karima Khusnutdinova
Some tropical analogues of integrable equations in (2+1) dimensions LaTeX
Leonid V Bogdanov, Boris G Konopelchenko
The Haantjes Manifolds of Integrable and Separable Systems LaTeX
Piergiulio Tempesta, Giorgio Tondo
Hamiltonian operators of Dubrovin-Novikov type in 2D LaTeX
Andrea Savoldi
Binary Darboux Transformations in Bidifferential Calculus LaTeX
Oleksandr Chvartatskyi
Poisson cohomology of scalar multidimensional Dubrovin-Novikov brackets LaTeX
Guido Carlet, Matteo Casati, Sergey Shadrin
On quad equations consistent on the cube LaTeX
Giorgio Gubbiotti, Christian Scimiterna, Decio Levi
Ubiquitous symmetries LaTeX
Maria Clara Nucci
Groups and Entropies LaTeX
Piergiulio Tempesta
Separation of variables in the Clebsch model LaTeX
Taras Skrypnyk
Dispersionless DKP hierarchy and elliptic Loewner equation LaTeX
Anton Zabrodin
Non-periodic one-gap potential in quantum mechanics LaTeX
Vladimir Zakharov, Dmitry Zakharov, Sergei Dyachenko
Finite-dimensional representations of shift operators, remarkable matrices and matrix functional equations LaTeX
Francesco Calogero
Cluster varieties and integrable systems LaTeX
Andrei Marshakov
Vortex streets and solitons LaTeX
Alexander Veselov
Representations of sl(2, C) in the BGG category O and master symmetries LaTeX
Jing Ping Wang
Classical and Quantum Superintegrable Systems with N-th Order Integrals of Motion LaTeX
Sarah Post, Pavel Winternitz
On Integrable Discretisations for Grassmann-Extended NLS Equations: Darboux Transformations and Yang-Baxter Maps LaTeX
Georgi Grahovski
Gravipulsons LaTeX
Vladimir Koutvitsky, Eugene Maslov
Complete integrability from Poisson-Nijenhuis structures on compact hermitian symmetric spaces LaTeX
Francesco Bonechi, Jian Qiu, Marco Tarlini
Metrisability of projective structures and integrability of particular 2nd order ODEs LaTeX
Felipe Contatto, Maciej Dunajski
Random partitions and the quantum Benjamin-Ono hierarchy LaTeX
Alexander Moll
On the monodromy of almost toric fibrations on the complex projective plane LaTeX
Gleb Smirnov
Towards an algebraic framework of hydrodynamic integrability LaTeX
Giovanni Moreno
Cubic-Quintic NLS Equations with Four-Dimensional Symmetry Algebras LaTeX
Cihangir Özemir
Parabolic similaritons in optical fibres LaTeX
Sonia Boscolo, Christophe Finot
3D superintegrable systems with magnetic field LaTeX
Antonella Marchesiello, Libor Snobl, Pavel Winternitz
Differential-difference and finite-difference integrable systems associated with Kac-Moody algebras LaTeX
Alexander Mikhailov
Justification theorems and fiction asymptotics LaTeX
Leonid Kalyakin
Complete integrability of Nonlocal Nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation LaTeX
Vladimir Stefanov Gerdjikov, Avadh Behari Saxena
The method of lambda-brackets in the theory of integrable Hamiltonian PDE LaTeX
Victor Kac
Higher Spin Lifshitz Theories and the KdV-Hierarchy LaTeX
Guido Macorini
Selberg integrals on Riemann surfaces LaTeX
Paul Wiegmann
Lagrangian Multiform Theory: recent advances and future perspectives LaTeX
Frank Nijhoff
Towards a classification of the solutions to the NLS equation. Untitled


New mechanism for mass generation:\\Coupled linear wave equation and Sine-Gordon equation in (1+2) and (1+3) dimensions LaTeX
Yair Zarmi
Unique characteristics of multi-front solutions of Sine-Gordon equation in higher dimensions LaTeX
Yair Zarmi
New Method of Construction of Multi-Phase Solutions for 1+1 Dispersive Integrable Systems LaTeX
Maxim Pavlov
Classication of nonlinear equations with two-soliton solution LaTeX
Dmitriy Noshchenko
On the Hamiltonian structure of hydrodynamic-type systems of conservation laws LaTeX
Maxim Pavlov, Raffaele Vitolo
Tropical Limit in Statistical Physics LaTeX
Mario Angelelli
Thermal Expansion of Crystalline Silicon - Nonlinear Models and Bayesian Model Selection LaTeX
Carlo Palmisano
Approximate symmetries of partial differential equations in viscoelasticity LaTeX
Marianna Ruggieri, Maria Paola Speciale
Thermostatistics of basic-deformed bosons and fermions LaTeX
Andrea Lavagno
Integrable Burgers-type two-component systems with non-diagonalizable linearity LaTeX
Refik Turhan
On local and nonlocal variational constants of motion LaTeX
Gaetano Zampieri
On the reconstruction problem for nonlocal symmetries LaTeX
Nina Khorkova
On solutions to the Burgers equation with a periodic boundary condition on an interval LaTeX
Alexey Samokhin
Quantum Boundary Conditions and Geometric Phases LaTeX
Giancarlo Garnero
On the orientability of higher order contact elements LaTeX
Miroslav Kures
Two-dimensional superintegrable quantum systems with potentials expressed in terms of Painlevé transcendents LaTeX
Masoumeh sajedi
On generalization of vertical bundles LaTeX
Jan Kurek, Włodzimierz Mikulski
Monodromy of the axially symmetric 1:1:-2 resonance LaTeX
Konstantinos Efstathiou, Heinz Hanssmann, Antonella Marchesiello
Hamiltonian fluid reduction of drift-kinetic equations for non-dissipative plasmas LaTeX
Emanuele Tassi
Topological atlas of an integrable system with three degrees of freedom LaTeX
Mikhail P. Kharlamov
Deformation quantization of field models: from Poisson structures to iterated variations in star-products. LaTeX
Arthemy V. Kiselev
Equilibrium configurations of the surface of a conducting fluid in the nonuniform magnetic field LaTeX
Nikolay M. Zubarev, Olga Vladimirovna Zubareva
Scattering analysis of a non-linear locally driven potential. LaTeX
Nicolás Medina Sánchez
New brackets in Hamiltonian systems with non-zero Berry curvature LaTeX
E Chulkov, N Kalinin, Alexander Pavlovich Protogenov
Totally asymmetric simple exclusion process on long chains with a shortcut in the bulk LaTeX
Nadezhda Zheleva Bunzarova, Jordan Georgiev Brankov
Analytic solutions of the Somos 6 recurrence via hyperelliptic Prym varieties LaTeX
Yuri N. Fedorov, Andrew N.W. Hone
The inverse scattering transform for the focusing nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with a one-sided non-zero boundary condition LaTeX
Barbara Prinari, Federica Vitale
Chaos control and function projective synchronization of fractional order systems through back stepping method LaTeX
S. Das, V. Yadav
On invariant solutions of the $k - \varepsilon$ turbulence model Untitled
Nina Khorkova