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Soliton surfaces in the generalized symmetries approach LaTeX
Alfred Michel Grundland, Sarah Post, Danilo Riglioni
Rational degenerations of $m$-curves and totally positive Grassmannians LaTeX
Simonetta Abenda, Petr Grinevich
On quad equations consistent on the cube LaTeX
Giorgio Gubbiotti, Christian Scimiterna, Decio Levi
On Integrable Discretisations for Grassmann-Extended NLS Equations: Darboux Transformations and Yang-Baxter Maps LaTeX
Georgi Grahovski
Complete integrability of Nonlocal Nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation LaTeX
Vladimir Stefanov Gerdjikov, Avadh Behari Saxena
Towards a classification of the solutions to the NLS equation. Untitled


Quantum Boundary Conditions and Geometric Phases LaTeX
Giancarlo Garnero