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Regular triangulation of point sets and solitons in two dimensions LaTeX
Yuji Kodama
Tetrahedron equation and generalized quantum groups LaTeX
Atsuo Kuniba
Domain shape dependence of semiclassical corrections to energy LaTeX
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski
Formation of curvature singularities on a fluid interface during the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability LaTeX
Evgenii A. Kuznetsov, Nikolay M. Zubarev
Symmetry reductions of Lax integrable 3D systems LaTeX
Joseph Krasil'shchik, Hynek Baran, Oleg Morozov, Petr Voj{\v{c}}{\'{a}}k
Self-Duality and Symmetric Deformations of Integrable PDE LaTeX
Boris Kruglikov
Fermi-Pasta-Ulam recurrence and modulation instability LaTeX
Evgeny Kuznetsov
On 2+1 - dimensional cKdV-type equation for internal ring waves on a shear flow LaTeX
Karima Khusnutdinova
Some tropical analogues of integrable equations in (2+1) dimensions LaTeX
Leonid V Bogdanov, Boris G Konopelchenko
Gravipulsons LaTeX
Vladimir Koutvitsky, Eugene Maslov
Justification theorems and fiction asymptotics LaTeX
Leonid Kalyakin
The method of lambda-brackets in the theory of integrable Hamiltonian PDE LaTeX
Victor Kac


On the reconstruction problem for nonlocal symmetries LaTeX
Nina Khorkova
On the orientability of higher order contact elements LaTeX
Miroslav Kures
On generalization of vertical bundles LaTeX
Jan Kurek, Włodzimierz Mikulski
Topological atlas of an integrable system with three degrees of freedom LaTeX
Mikhail P. Kharlamov
Deformation quantization of field models: from Poisson structures to iterated variations in star-products. LaTeX
Arthemy V. Kiselev
New brackets in Hamiltonian systems with non-zero Berry curvature LaTeX
E Chulkov, N Kalinin, Alexander Pavlovich Protogenov
On invariant solutions of the $k - \varepsilon$ turbulence model Untitled
Nina Khorkova