SDD 2023 - Committees


Scientific Committee

Stefania Attolini, Eirikur Bergman, Susanna Cafaro, Saverio Di Benedetto, Marta Laurienzo, Claudia Morini, Iannis Papageorgiou, Peter Schiffauer, Silvia Solidoro, Francesco Spera.

Organizing Committee

Elisabetta Marzo, Nadia Perrone, Isabella Salsano, Giuliana Terragno, Francesco Viggiani.



Scientific Committee



Susanna CafaroSusanna Cafaro is Full Professor of European Union Law at University of Salento (Italy) and she has been awarded in 2019 a Jean Monnet Chair whose title is “Legal Theory of European Integration: a Supranational Democracy Model?”. She is the organizer of the Supranational Democracy Dialogue, an event aimed at bringing together scholars from any background, NGO leaders and political activists, businessmen and innovative thinkers to discuss together the big challenges facing humanity. She is member of the scientific committes of the journals Revue de l'Euro; Perspectives on Federalism; Athena, Critical Enquiries in Law, Philosophy and Globalization and of the Scientific Committee of CesUE Centro Studi Formazione Comunicazione e Progettazione sull’Unione europea e la Global GovernanceShe has authored and edited numerous books and more than 70 scholarly journal articles and book chapters about the EU’s institutional frame, the European economic and monetary union, the EU external relations, the global economic governance and Euro-Mediterranean relations.



Claudia Morini is Associate Professor of EU Law at University of Salento. She coordinates a Jean Monnet Module on "Protection and Promotion of Women's Rights in the European Legal Order: from Gender Equality to Active Participation in the Democratic Life of the European Union". She was Research Assistant at Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa. She was also Project Assistant in the EU financed "BEAMS Project" and  Research Assistant at the International and European Union Law Department, Faculty of Law, University of Bari. In 2007 she obtained a PhD in International and EU law. In 2007 she also obtained a Masters Degree in Conflicts' Management and Resolution (University of Roma Tre).  During her doctoral and postdoctoral research period, from 2003 to 2018, Dr. Morini authored independently many papers and articles in peer-reviewed law reviews and books and was invited as expert and speaker at conferences on International, EU and Human Rights Law in Italy and abroad. She has  published a book on The Protection of the Rights of Religious Groups in the European context (Cacucci, 2018) and another one on Dialogue and Participation in the Governance of the European Union (Cacucci, 2020).



Stefania Attolini is a research fellow on European Union Law and professor on contract of Digital Information Law and European Union Law at University of Salento. She holds a PhD in Private, Public and Common Goods Law at University of Salento with a thesis in European Union Law on the universal access to the Internet in the EU and the new European electronic communication code. She authored a book on the access to the Internet in a democratic society (2020) and several papers on international and European Union Law and on tax law, in Italian, French and English, published in books and scientific reviews. Since 2015, she has been a teaching assistant of the Chairs of European Union Law and International Law at the University of Salento. She is a team member of two EU funded projects: the Jean Monnet Chair on “Legal theory of European integration: a supranational democracy model?”, and the Jean Monnet Module on “protection and promotion of women’s rights in the European legal order: from gender equality to active participation in the democratic life of the European union”. She holds an Advanced Master degree in European Union Law (Master complémentaire en droit européen) at the Institute for European Studies of the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles). In 2014, she worked as a Trainee (Blue Book) at the European Commission (Consumer External Relations Unit at DG SANCO.



Silvia Solidoro holds a Research Fellowship at the Law Faculty of the University of Salento, where she has served as Teaching Assistant in public and private international law, while also contributing to research activities in the field of EU law, starting from 2007. Silvia obtained a PhD in Law of Economics and Markets from the Institute of Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (ISUFI), the research center of excellence of the University of Salento, in 2011 (graduated with full marks, first class honors degree). From 2009 until 2016, she consulted on corporate and antitrust matters with the Investment Climate Department of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group, in Washington, DC, USA, conducting research and analytical work to promote legal, economy-wide and sector-specific reforms aimed at fostering private sector development with a geographic focus on Africa, Latin America, and Central Asia. Prior to joining the EUI, she also acted as Independent Expert for a consulting firm based in Rome, developing an assessment of the most relevant human rights compliance procedures pertaining to multilateral development banks. After that, she acted as Research Assistant (May 2016 - May 2021) and then Research Fellow (May 2021 - September 2022) at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) of the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy. Silvia earned her law degree (magna cum laude) in 2006; she was admitted to practice law in Italy in 2009.



Francesco Spera, is a PhD candidate in European Law and External Relations of the EU. Francesco has previously worked for European institutions in Bruxelles and Italian national public bodies in the field of EU cohesion fund, EU budget, regional decision making involvement. Francesco hold a LLM in EU Law at Maastricht University and 2 honorary Masters in Academic research and History. His main fields of research are EU external relations law, defense law, Energy law and migration



Marta Laurienzo has almost three decades of experience working for the United Nations World Food Programme in various strategic roles, including as the global coordinator of the UN Humanitarian Response Depot and hub manager of the strategic Brindisi UNHRD base. As such she gained a wide experience in the areas of general management of interagency emergency preparedness mechanisms as well as diplomacy and external relations. She currently focuses her vast experience in the humanitarian field through freelance consultancies. Marta holds a Master’s Degree in Law from the University La Sapienza in Rome, Italy, and, in 1995, having passed the Bar Examination in Rome she became attorney at law. However, she never practiced as a lawyer but preferred to follow the humanitarian career.



Dr. jur. Peter Schiffauer is honorary professor at the Faculty of Law of the Fern-Universität in Hagen and Deputy Director of the university’s Dimitris-Tsatsos-Institute for European Constitutional Sciences. A trained lawyer, he was from 1978 - 2014 public servant of the German Federal Government, the European Court of Justice and the European Parliament where he notably acted as head of secretariat of the committees on legal affairs and the internal market (1999-2004) and on constitutional affairs (2004-2014). From 1977-79 he was researcher at the European University Institute in Florence. Since 1995 he contributes to academic research and teaching at the Fern-Universität in Hagen where he was appointed honorary professor at the faculty of law.




Organizing Committee



Elisabetta Marzo is a PhD Candidate in “Law and Sustainability” at University of Salento in Lecce, with the International Law Chair. She recently spent a period of visiting research at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Law of Heidelberg. Elisabetta previously obtained the license to practice as a lawyer and completed training in the Criminal Court of Lecce. She holds a Master’s degree in Law from University of Salento and a “Diploma” with honor from ISUFI Higher Institute of Interdisciplinary Advanced Studies. Her main research interests are the interactions between International Investment Law, International Environmental law and Human Rights Law; the topic of sovereignty over natural resources and the phenomenon of natural resources grabbing. 



Nadia Perrone is a PhD candidate in “Law and Sustainability” at the University of Salento and teaching assistant in International Law at the same University. She recently obtains the license to practice as a lawyer. Previously, she holds a degree in law with honours from the University of Salento and a degree of School of Advanced Studied ISUFI. Her main area of research are Business and Human Rights, Human Rights Law and Environmental Law. In particular, she is now studying the new perspective at EU level of the proposal of Directive on Human Rights Corporate Due Diligence. She is currently a member of the International Expert Group of Italy for the project “A Global Toolbox for Corporate Climate Change Litigation” of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, coordinated by Professor Attilio Pisanò.



Francesco Viggiani, Lawyer and PhD candidate in International Law. Currently Francesco is holding the position of Research Fellow in International Law, working mainly on immigration for the Court of Lecce. In 2020 he passed the advanced vocational training course in Military Criminal Law, organized by the School of Military Law and School of Legal Studies at the University of Bologna. In 2021 he attended the public and private International Law course at the Academy of International Law in the Hague, and the specialized course on European Human Rights Protection at the Forensic Union for the Protection of Human Rights. His fields of research are International Law, International Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, Criminal Law, International Sports Law and Immigration Law.



Isabella Salsano, Research fellow in International Immigration and Asylum Law at the University of Salento. Isabella previously obtained her license to practice as a lawyer. She attended the public and private International Law course at the Academy of International Law in The Hague during the 2019 summer session and the 2023 winter session. Isabella holds a master's degree in law with honours and a university Diploma from ISUFI, an interdisciplinary higher education institute. The Catholic University of Louvain awarded her a mini-master in International Law and Human Rights. Public International Law, International Criminal Law, Human Rights’ protection, Humanitarian Law and Immigration Law are her main research interests.  



Giuliana Terragno is a PhD in Comparative Legal and Political-Social Systems at the University of Salento and Research Fellow in European Union Law at the University of Salento. She is a lawyer and has written various publications and monographs concerning the relationship between the constitutional state and the state of culture in Italy and in Europe. She is a contract professor at the University of Salento.