PaPE 2019 - Satellite workshop

PaPE 2019 – Satellite Workshop
"Prominence between Cognitive Functions and Linguistic Structures (COFLIS)"

Bari, 20 June 2019

Organisers: Francesco Cangemi, Stefan Baumann, Michelina Savino, Martine Grice

In the COFLIS workshop, we capitalise on several decades of research on prosodic prominence to unravel the key components of the notion of prominence. By exploring the contribution of the signal, of meaning and of linguistic structure to the definition of prominence, and by relating prominence to basic cognitive concepts such as chunking and attention, we aim to provide a renewed understanding of prominence.
The workshop will feature four invited talks, covering the measurable, structural and functional components of prominence. Rather than share new experimental evidence, invited speakers will be asked to focus on the theoretical implications of their use of prominence in their research.

Invited talks will be complemented by regularly submitted and peer-reviewed submissions for poster presentations on prominence in phonetics and phonology.

Submissions emphasising the challenges in defining and using the notion of prominence will be particularly welcome.

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