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PMNP 2015 3D superintegrable systems with magnetic field Abstract
Antonella Marchesiello, Libor Snobl, Pavel Winternitz
PMNP 2015 Analytic solutions of the Somos 6 recurrence via hyperelliptic Prym varieties Abstract
Yuri N. Fedorov, Andrew N.W. Hone
PMNP 2015 Approximate symmetries of partial differential equations in viscoelasticity Abstract
Marianna Ruggieri, Maria Paola Speciale
PMNP 2015 Bihamiltonian cohomology and deformations of Poisson pencils of hydrodynamic type Abstract
Guido Carlet
PMNP 2015 Binary Darboux Transformations in Bidifferential Calculus Abstract
Oleksandr Chvartatskyi
PMNP 2015 BKP and Hurwitz numbers Abstract
Alexander Orlov
PMNP 2015 Chaos control and function projective synchronization of fractional order systems through back stepping method Abstract
S. Das, V. Yadav
PMNP 2015 Classical and Quantum Superintegrable Systems with N-th Order Integrals of Motion Abstract
Sarah Post, Pavel Winternitz
PMNP 2015 Classication of nonlinear equations with two-soliton solution Abstract
Dmitriy Noshchenko
PMNP 2015 Cluster varieties and integrable systems Abstract
Andrei Marshakov
PMNP 2015 Commutator identities on an associative algebra and non-Abelian integrable equations Abstract
Andrei K Pogrebkov
PMNP 2015 Complete integrability from Poisson-Nijenhuis structures on compact hermitian symmetric spaces Abstract
Francesco Bonechi, Jian Qiu, Marco Tarlini
PMNP 2015 Complete integrability of Nonlocal Nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation Abstract
Vladimir Stefanov Gerdjikov, Avadh Behari Saxena
PMNP 2015 Cubic-Quintic NLS Equations with Four-Dimensional Symmetry Algebras Abstract
Cihangir Özemir
PMNP 2015 Deformation quantization of field models: from Poisson structures to iterated variations in star-products. Abstract
Arthemy V. Kiselev
PMNP 2015 Differential-difference and finite-difference integrable systems associated with Kac-Moody algebras Abstract
Alexander Mikhailov
PMNP 2015 Discretizing the Liouville equation Abstract
Decio Levi, Luigi Martina, Pavel Winternitz
PMNP 2015 Dispersionless DKP hierarchy and elliptic Loewner equation Abstract
Anton Zabrodin
PMNP 2015 Domain shape dependence of semiclassical corrections to energy Abstract
Grzegorz Kwiatkowski
PMNP 2015 Equilibrium configurations of the surface of a conducting fluid in the nonuniform magnetic field Abstract
Nikolay M. Zubarev, Olga Vladimirovna Zubareva
PMNP 2015 Fermi-Pasta-Ulam recurrence and modulation instability Abstract
Evgeny Kuznetsov
PMNP 2015 Finite-dimensional representations of shift operators, remarkable matrices and matrix functional equations Abstract
Francesco Calogero
PMNP 2015 Formation of curvature singularities on a fluid interface during the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability Abstract
Evgenii A. Kuznetsov, Nikolay M. Zubarev
PMNP 2015 Gravipulsons Abstract
Vladimir Koutvitsky, Eugene Maslov
PMNP 2015 Groups and Entropies Abstract
Piergiulio Tempesta
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