Time: May 29-31 2020 + Post conference excursion (31 May - 2 June)



Dear colleagues,

the organizing committee meeting was held last evening.

At the moment, the situation is constantly changing, and the information we have does not allow us, today, to make precise forecasts about the evolution of COVID-19 outbreak and diffusion.

What we do know at the moment is that there are objective difficulties, mainly due to the flight bans and the suspension of all scientific missions, including those previously planned, which will prevent many colleagues from taking part in the Conference, if we are going to confirm the present date. 


We are going to extend the registration deadline. However, depending on the events of the coming days, we will consider whether to postpone the conference.


We believe that this solution, although drastic, not only will contribute to the success of the Conference, but also and above all, will preserve the peace and health of all colleagues.


In case of postponement of the conference, those who have already paid their registration fee will not have to make any further payment. Those who have already paid and will no longer be able to participate, may request a refund.


We trust in your understanding and support.