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PMNP 2015

GALLIPOLI (Lecce) - Italy
Ecoresort Le Sirené
I-73014 GALLIPOLI (Lecce) - Riserva Naturalistica Torre del Pizzo
Tel. + 39 0833 202536 - Fax + 39 0833 202539
Gallipoli (LE), IT

June 20, 2015 – June 27, 2015

A new conference in the series Physics and Mathematics of Nonlinear Phenomena (PMNP2015) will be held in Gallipoli from 20 June 2015 (arrival day) to 27 June 2015 (departure day). The conference follows the highly successful 2013 edition, and continues the traditional series of conferences on Nonlinear Physics, held in Gallipoli and organized by the research group on Nonlinear Physics of Università del Salento. See the following links for information on previous editions:

The main topics of the conference will be:
  1. Continuous, discrete and tropical classical and quantum integrable systems.
  2. Hamiltonian, critical and geometric structures of integrable equations of nonlinear mathematical physics.
  3. Integrable systems in quantum field theory and matrix models.
  4. Applications of nonlinear integrable systems in physics.
  5. Models of nonlinear phenomena in physics.

Participation is open to anybody.

Please read the sections `Talks and Posters' and `Local Information' for information on talks and posters, conference schedule and conference shuttle service from the airport/train station to the hotel and back.

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